Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok, so here I am... blogging.

Why? I have no idea, but I love the thought of a journal, but perhaps making it online is a little intimidating :)

So, the kids:

Eli, 3.5 Challenging to say the least, smart smart smart and keeps me thinking. His little mind, or mouth, never stops. I fully believe his best friend and he could easily build an atom bomb together by the time they are 5. Watch out world.

Owen: my surprise blessing. Beautiful, beautiful happy baby. Two bottom teeth and rolls for you and me and the fmaily to boot. VERY easy going. While he looks just like his brother, he acts like me :)

Paulie and I are great. We have settled into a new spot in our marriage and the world is happy and peaceful. We love each other and our kids are precious, all 4 of them. Megan and JP are doing awesome too. both are dating and very happy.

I.... could find a different job and be happy. while I work in a center for families, it's not as family friendly as I'd hoped. The schedule is hard on the kids, and me. I'm praying for a teaching job. Think you could help me with that?

So, there's our beginning... where to now?

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