Sunday, July 12, 2009

ok, so that took a long time

I had forgotten I started this, and then couldn't get back in LOL. I'm a dope.

So, some updates from the last post.

BOTH Paulie and I have NEW JOBS!! Through the grace of God I got a job at LISD, I still am in disbelief knowing the market is so slim. I will be back in Third Grade, my first love, and am truly excited. While I miss parts of directing a center, I am grateful for what it means to me and my family to have a regular schedule, time for us and then the benefits that it will mean to Eli. More on that later.

Paulie, is moving UP: from boobs to brains :) The fabulous team that created the breast biopsy device he sold before has now started a new one with the brain and neuro surgery. While he impacted the world of women's health on a daily basis before, he now can impact so many more. Nico is named after a young boy whose brain tumor was successfully removed using this device. Pretty darn cool. Proud is not even the right word that I am of him. Pretty amazing man I'm married to.

The boys: Owen is growing, and CHUBBY. He battled ear infections and I do think that tubes are in our future soon. But other than that he's wonderful. His smile makes me giddy to my toes. He is not crawling yet, but has finally dicsovered he can get on hands and knees and is trying to pull up on things. This may have to do with his weight :) or the ear issue. Hopefully we'll find out soon, and I'm trying to let my mommy radar slow down some.

Eli is doing much much better. He had really been struggling at the school we were at. His class was very large and with me in the office there was little or no chance that any behavior issues were going to be resolved. So, I have found a center close to us, smaller class size and teacher discount to boot! We can now implement time out again and that is GREAT. (previous school didn't use it.) So, we are on the right track!!

Upcoming: I really hope to keep this updated for family mostly. We have lots across the country and I know that phone calls and snail mail with photos are scarce. SORRY. I hope to get refocused here soon!!!

Talk at ya later...

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