Saturday, May 1, 2010


I kept thinking I needed to blog and then I would try to log in and it had been so long I forgot my passoword LOL. So... I finally remembered, thank goodness

I have a goal that I'll be better at this. We'll see.

Goings on...

Me: TAKS is now over and I'm wrapping my mind around teaching first grade in the fall. I know I'm capable, I just don't have the stuff! Guess I'll be going to lots of garage sales this summer! I have started really getting into taking pics with my camera and I'm getting some great tips from a wonderful colleague at work who knows her stuff. Hopefully, this summer will mean some great progress in my photos. I'm also doing project 365 on FB where I'm taking one pic a day for 365. We'll see :)

Paul: Still working like crazy! I'm so thankful that he's doing what he does. He's making impacts in people's lives. Not many people get that chance. Pretty amazing.

Eli: Well! He is amazing! We have been throught the most difficult season of sickness, but he's such a trooper. He's doing great at school and his teachers enjoy him almost as much as I do. He's so smart and he LOVEs Owen. We're very lucky in that respect... 4.5 is a very cool age and I kinda wish he would freeze at this stage for a while. It's only a year and half til kindergarten. Oh my, I'm not ready for that!!

Owen: Our little goofball. For whatever reason I refuse to cut his hair and it's everywhere! I've got to get it cut soon. The whole school knows Owen with his charming personality and he loves everybody. He's not shy and he's such a hoot!! When my kids are well, they are amazing!!!!!

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  1. Welcome Back! I will see if I can track down some of my teaching stuff. You are welcome to use it!