Thursday, November 5, 2009

My dearest Eli...

First of all, I'm sorry this is late!! we've had quite a few weeks around here. Your dad has been traveling overseas while we hold the fort down here. That means Mom doesn't have much time here for blogging!!

I didn't get a chance to write for you on your 4th birthday, so here goes...

I wish I could put your little spirit in a jar. You are the most precious little boy. I love how your mind works and watching you create things with your blocks and trucks. I love the way you love your trucks! you teach me daily all the different types of trucks! I'm so amazed.

Some day you will know how long we waited for you. Your Dad and I cried over and over when we found out you weren't on the way. And then... you were coming! After two long years of waiting, our miracle was on the way.

You have always known what you wanted, I love that about you. I don't have to guess with you, you are sure about things. your sweet voice telling me all about your day and what your friends did is music to my ears.

Lately you have made some big strides. I know that Mommy's last job was hard on you. But I see now that you are sooooo happy. I see that you are thriving. It was worth waiting a bit on what I wanted to see you flourish.

You love your little rother to pieces. He loves you too. But you are special when it comes to him. You think of him more often then I think we even realize. you want to share your experiences with him (most of the time.) I will never forget last Easter, you had already opened your basket, but Owen had slept in. You met me at the bottom of the stairs holding Owen's basket saying, "Here Baby Owen, look what the Easter Bunny brought you!!!" You melt my heart each time I see you interact with him.

You sure love your Daddy. you told me last night that he's "a great guy." You're right, he is. He is very special and you are his best little buddy. I know the two of you are going to have so much fun together.

Eli, I love you so. Happy Birthday...


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