Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's coming to a close...

Summer is winding down.  Tomorrow is the boys last day at home before we head back to full time care on Monday.  We've been doing two days a week this summer and it has been kinda hard on the boys.  I hope that drop offs become more joyful by the end of next week.


The boys spent three days at Granny's, but Eli came home sick.  He ran fever over 101 for 6 DAYS.  crazy bug I guess, but he's fine now. 

Owen is jabbering more and communicating better.  He'll be two in a week or two :)  We're all excited for that!!!  He's very excited (nOT) about going back to school.

I have my room about ready, but I still have a long way to go.  I think I might be behind!  ack!  I'll survey the damage Monday and see if that's really true.

We have JP here for a few days.  Eli sure loves Megan and JP.  they pretty much do whatever he wants, much more fun then Mom and Dad!!!!!

Ok, boring update, hope to get some pics up soon :)

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  1. Leeanne!!!!!!!!!you were supposed to put my teaching stuff to good use!!!! Need anything???