Sunday, June 5, 2011

My first 5k

So I'm officially a crazy person.

About a year and a half ago I got this hair brained idea that I would start running.  I convinced Paulie that I would use a treadmill if we bought it.  He was pumped and we spent ridiculous money on one and had it delivered to my bedroom. 


You all know how THAT went.  We used it for a month or two and then I fell off and then so did he.

I had ALL sorts of excuses, time, boring, etc.  They were bad excuses. 

We had the opportunity to add a DVR in the bedroom and I told Paulie that I sure would use that treadmill if he got us one.


I have also gotten an iphone by this point.  There were no excuses left.

I heard about this program called couch to 5k and thought, I can do that.  I downloaded one and printed it and hit the treadmill.  It was awful.  I had to keep track of the time and pay attention and I hated it.  I quit.

Then, over Christmas I had this desire to get in shape but had no idea where to start.  I explored the apps on itunes and found one that did all the timing for you and let you play your own music in the background.  NO excuses left.  I bought it, and downloaded it to my phone, my new best friend.

The first few runs, I was hooked.  I couldn't believe I could do it.  Then, with my DVRd shows, the time was flying.  Pretty soon, I was logging 4 miles a week on the treadmill.

And then it got better.

One of the hardest runs was 10 minutes and then a break and then another 10 minutes.  But I did it.  I kept going.

I had a met this sweet, sweet lady who noticed on facebook that I had started running.  Like a fool she said she'd run a 5k with me.  Silly, silly woman!  I took her up on it and really took my training to heart.

Dad had a few really rough weeks right at the end and I had a hard time getting all my runs in, but I was pleasantly surprised that I could still pick up and get going.  My first 25 minute run was heaven.  Then it was 28 minutes.  Last week I did 3.3 miles, and 44 minutes.  The furthest I had ever run in my life.  I did it.

We ran the race yesterday.  This hills of Highland Shores are ridonkulous!  We got to the 2 mile mark and I was shocked at our time, but had to walk a few minutes.  I was really dissappointed.  We crossed the finish line running and then we saw our time.  38 minutes.  Never in my life have I run that fast.  Even as a kid, I was a 15 minute miler for ever.  WOW.

So, what did I lose?

9 lbs.
a few inches here and there...
a little bit of time
some sweat.  ok, a lot of sweat. 
my shoes, time for new ones.

What did I gain?
courage, I can DO this.
stamina, I am no longer a couch potato.
muscle ;)
all around, I'm in better shape and feel better than ever.

I don't think I'm a marathon runner, nor do I know how long I will keep this up.  But I played the mind game, and WON and that is all that matters.


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  1. Yeah! You looked so happy in the picture you took after your last run!

    We have an elliptical in our bedroom and it currently has not been used as much since I got pregnant. I am supposed to keep my heart rate under 140 and I must say that is hard!! So once this baby girl is due and I'm good to exercise on it again, I'm getting back into it! I always feel so good afterwards!