Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New school!

LOVE IT!! It's been really great to work at the new school. Super sweet people to work with and families, and kiddos, are awesome.

Getting my class in order has been harder then I remembered!!!! I had forgotten how much reminding (training) it takes to get it running the way you like. Some of these kids had previously looped with their teacher so I'm a new person after 2 years for some of them. You can see the panic in their eyes LOL. We will get there!!!

Eli is doing GREAT at the new school. He is not napping, but over all is handling the change well. It has been a huge change for us at home as well and that is awesome. I am very comfortable leaving in the mornings. In the afternoons, he runs to me, happy and cheerful. It a GREAt feeling.

Owen is my little cherub, smling and happy. Just now discovering that we say 'no' and then he hides his head like and ostrich in the sand. FUNNY. They are both treasures...

Hope to post pics soon of the room and Eli's new uniform. He's so handsome!


  1. Hi there -- glad to see the link to your blog on your FB profile! I'll "follow" you so I can know when you post! Congrats on a new year back in the classroom. Where are you teaching?

  2. I'm back in my old district less than three miles from my old school. Third grade, my favorite :)