Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Owen is ONE! And ABC's of Owen

Owen turned one yesterday... he's the best baby in the world and is becoming such a big boy! He LOVES balls...

Precious smiles...
So, taken from my friend, here are the ABC's of OWEN GARRET
A: adorable, literally we get stopped in the store for people to stare at him
B: balls, can't get enough of them. He throws them and catches them already!!
C: clapper, loves to clap when he's proud of himself
D: don't make me change my diper!!!! he hates it.
E: even keeled, not much gets him riled up, but watch out if you do
F: funny, he's got a little sense of humor and knows when he's got you laughing
G: giggly, he has the cutest giggles
H: happy, he's hardly ever upset unless there is something wrong like he needs to eat!
I: imitator, he's getting so good at repeating what you do or say, not well, but he sure tries...
J: joyful, he is truly a joy to be around
K: killer smile, lots of dimples and beautiful blue eyes
L: loves being with you, don't you walk away or he'll get his heart broken
M: music, he loves it, his little eyes light up
N: nosy, wants to know what you're doing, ALL the time
O: obstinate: when he wants it, he wants it. so do it already
P: pick me up, pick me up, pick me up
Q: quick, he's getting really fast on all fours, nothing on our feet yet though, no rushing him
R: reader, already loves to look at books and point and talk to the pictures
S: sensitive, he gets his feelers hurt much easier than his brother
T: temper, even though he's even keeled, he gets mad about food and lack of sleep
U: usually sleep 12 hours a night! He's incredibile...
V: vivacious, full of life
W: whimper, the sweetest little whimper when he needs you
X: xtra special
Y: yum, he can out eat everyone in the family, literally
Z: zany, has the cutest little personality with just the right amount of funny

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