Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wow, time is moving too fast! At first I thought all this time off between jobs was too much and now that I'm down to two days I don't know what to do with myself!!!!

I am realizing though that I will be a totally different teacher then I was two years ago and a much better one than 13 years ago, thank goodness!!! (I often feel bad for those first few classes because I just didn't know that much LOL.)

Main concerns for this week: Owen goes full time. ACK. I have NEVER been away from this baby and I'm tearing up thinking about it. My love bug!!!!!!! He is in the best of hands with Holly though so no real worries, just that I'll miss him.

Eli starts his new school Tuesday and this has a whole bag of emotions. We have made TREMENDOUS strides in his behavior because I have been able to give him a lot more time and things have settled down. I'm preparing for a few months of emotional wreck now with him though as we start something new. It terrifies me but we'll get through it. I have put off the child psychiatrist because of our progress, but will re-evaluate in 6 weeks after we have settled into our new routine.

Paul continues to travel 5 days a week and it's stressful for all of us. the weekends tend to be full of everything and every emotion and it's hard. But, we are continuing to search for some balance...

So, off to enjoy my last Sunday while on break and will report more later :)

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