Friday, September 11, 2009


School is going great. My class is sweet and lively and some of my kiddos are quite funny which makes the whole day go faster.

Eli has had two terrific days at school, after a very bad day. It's amazing what a little refocus from home will do!

Owen... is finally pulling up to his feet and I'm SAD. This little man is growing up too fast!!! He's even acting like he might pull those little feet off the ground soon. nooooooo....

The house is back in routine and it feels so nice. The kids are much happier and I know I am too. I need to lose some weight though and I'm ready to get going on that. I can now find that I have some time in my day and some solutions to the kid issue while exercising. that's been my excuse at least :) So keep me to it... gotta lose at least 10 before 35.

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