Saturday, September 19, 2009

whew... tired!

Well, first off: ME lol

I love my new school. I could not have been placed in a more welcoming school with master teachers who really care about their profession. God certainly has a plan for me. I also have some kiddos that I already truly care about and then some I am also truly worried about. I guess being a mommy overflows into every part of your life?

Paulie: working like mad and being gone all the time. I am trying not to struggle with this, but I am. I miss him so when he is gone. And, I miss all that he does for the family. We really missed him this week amidst ear infections, burnt tongues and vacationing baby sitters. He leaves again tomorrow, SUNDAY, but hopefully only one night. I'm trying to ignore the fact that he might be gone to Tel Aviv for Eli's 4th birthday...

Eli: Has made a dramatic turn at school!!! Naps are quite elusive, but overall, he's doing so much better. He even got the prize for the day for behavior last Friday!!! What a switch from when he was in school with me. Makes me sad that he couldn't be successful while I was there, but glad to now that our family made the right decision to leave. He did however burn his tongue last Sunday night at a restaurant and couldn't eat for days. Tonight though, he dropped a can of raviolis on his toe and it's really black and blue. Oh wait, this is the SECOND time he's done that in the last two months, so he'll now have matching big black toes. Please don't call CPS on me!!

Owen: Ms. Kellie, his teacher from Courtyard, watched him on Monday and I think really enjoyed a change of pace for her and also really enjoyed him. He honestly is such a little gem. Tuesday however proved to be murder for my mom as he screamed all day. Turns out, bad ear infection, no fever! And with this one, we now need tubes. So I call on Monday to get all that set up. I'm glad and nervous... Thursday and Friday were spent with Ms. Meaghan and again, he was spoiled rotten! I love those Courtyard girls :) He's a happy camper now with drugs...

All this to get organized for a garage sale today! We had four families involved and it was really fun. Nice to have great friends to spend time with and Eli's best buddy Connor spent the morning with us. Eli was in HEAVEN. We are now settling in for a quiet (hah) evening of football.

Tomorrow... is another day. We will send Paulie off and the boys and I will manage a Sunday without him. I am blessed today, are you?

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  1. I bet that's tough having Paul leave for work so often. Sounds like you are making the best of it though! Yea for Eli! Good luck with Owen's tubes...both of my boys have tubes and they have made all the difference in the world!