Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catching up

It's been so long!!

The kids are great :) Eli still continues to make tremendous progress at school!!! I think some of it might be that he's almost four now, but I also think he's just happier at the new place. He's been talking about all the things he's learning these days and I'm so happy with the results. We made breakfast for dinner in the middle of a crazy storm today. When it was over, it was still raining while the sun was out. He thought that was really cook, he told me he was going to tell his teacher tomorrow. I thought that was really sweet :)

Owen is finally cruising around the furniture. He hasn't attempted walking on his own, but he's moving around just fine as it is, thank you. He and Eli are building a relationship and it's so cute! He only wants to be where Eli is and is enamored by him. He thought it was hilarious tonight that Eli was jumping from rock to rock. Owen just laughed and laughed!! And Eli likes him around too, except when he doesn't want to share his toys. This seems to be most of the time however...

We have the consult for Owen's tubes in about a week. Hopefully the surgery will be short and sweet and he'll do well. I don't plan on it being crazy... but you never know.

School is good. We fnish the six weeks tomorrow, it sure has gone quickly! I look forward to things calming down a bit soon. (I think it should have by now, but for some reason, it hasn't.)

Paul is still traveling and we are getting better at handling it. I'm very stingy with my weekends though and I need to get better about his having to leave. ergh.

That's it for now :)

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