Monday, October 19, 2009


I just posted on FB that I seem to be in the doc's office once a week, but it's not that it SEEMS that way... it IS that way. After a run in with a ravioli can, Eli lost a toenail. It was gruesome and the toe got infected. That led to impetigo. He was on an antibiotic and is now better. But as brothers share EVERYTHING, Owen now has it. This is one GROSS disease!! ugh. So Owen now has his antibiotic and I hope that's better soon. I won't post pics cause I don't want to gross you out!

It's conference week, although they are quite time consuming, I love them and seeing the parents talk about their kiddos is always fun.

Paul is travleling a lot still, but we had the whole weekend together, the first in a month!! It's so nice when he's here :)

Owen has his tube surgery scheduled for November 3rd. I love my ENT and he said he is an excellent candidate with low to moderate hearing loss. I'm not nervous, but I'm sure I will be soon.

Eli turns 4 next week. Holy cow, how did that happen???? I'm in denial LOL. We'll discuss next week I guess :)

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