Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A blog in three parts

Part I: Eli and his ooky rash

Part II: Some thoughts about starting school, again.

Part III: Working Widow

I: yes, gross ooky rash. Eli has impetigo. I'm mortified, but we're on the mend. Apparently more common in kids with excema, which he has and is on LOTS of medication for. But still, it's gross and disgusting and anything with the word ""contagious" grosses me out. The doc took one look on Monday and confirmed my suspicions so we're on antibiotics. So, in the effort to prevent the spread, Eli and I hung out just us today. (see facebook for morning pics.) I will try and figure out how to upload from my phone but that's a lot of technology waiting to happen LOL. Anyway, with all spots covered, we headed to Wal Mart for some us time, while I looked at supplies (see part II.) While we have had some serious issues (or what I consider serious), today was a perfectly joyous day in the world of a 3.5 year old boy. I think he really enjoyed it and he came home with a super cool truck that is now sleeping on his top bunk with a book of its own to read. Hopefully, in a few days we'll be ready to see the real world, but in spite of things, today was fairly good. Let's just hope that it goes no further!!!

II: So, we looked at school supplies. I have been at a loss about where to start with getting back in the classroom. I can't believe after two short years that I have forgotten so much. (oh yeah, have two kids now and little sleep over the last year may have done it.) Anyway, found that I still love the school supply aisle at Wal-Mart and remembered I could stay there for hours just looking at it. It's beautiful!!! But then I also remember how much money I spend each year getting started, ugh. Harder this time with no more checks until September 20. But, that just means I'll be a creative spender, right???

III: Speaking of creative spender, I find being at home, with no parental back up, forces me out into the real world to keep the kids and myself busy. Unfortunately, this means I spend more LOL. But, that's ok, I'm going to get that taken care of. But did realize today in this time of change in our family that I'm e3ssentially a working widow three to four days a week. I am grateful though because I know it means I live the way I do, have the house I do and occasionally get to see that fabulous man I married. In the mean time, though, I decided that Eli needs some geography lessons and we'll start with the US map. We will start playing "Where is Daddy this week?" That way, maybe Eli can see that there really is a place called Houston, San Diego and Phoenix. Sad I know, but we'll make the best of it!!!

Long post today, promise pics tomorrow!!!


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